What is education these days? Some would say its money and personal fame, others would claim that it is the path to the stars. Anyway, the majority will agree that you should be wealthy enough to pay for your college. This way, we can say that education requires investment. In the consumerist society, it is the combination of a high class prestige and social value. If you’ve got a Harvard diploma, you can reach for the stars. It immediately provides status for the social group you are in, and what’s more, lends you opportunities. The opponents of the education reform may very well forget what colleges are for, and that is gaining knowledge. Being the temple of studies as they are, universities exist to remind us there is a lot to learn, and who would deny the charm of an old-fashioned lecture room with students sitting on the edge of their chairs, while the teacher talks?

It is not the time that we waste, it is the chance we get when entering college. It’s the unequivocal feeling of unity that surrounds all students, and the sharing of knowledge that gives us a sense of what higher education is. Sometimes it is hard to tell between what’s good and expensive, or just expensive, but if you go through university hardships, you’ll see world differently. Why do you think so many people claim higher education is a value? Are they mistaken? Maybe. But we also have to think of our future together, with millions of opportunities available only to those who have a diploma. It is a big world, and the more we get to learn about it, the easier it is to understand the way of life. Those not aspiring knowledge rarely gain.

Even the most successful of businessmen take their time reading a book that doesn’t have to do with sales and marketing. They just need to get away from it all. Self-education from websites like okessays.com is another aspect of modern culture that cannot be ignored. It is what we learn by ourselves that we remember well. If you are a good student, you will listen to what your teacher says. If you are creative, you will listen and then form your own opinion that is the result of analysis and speculation. This is what universities are for. They help us gain the independence of mind and judgment, learn the art of speech and argument that is intellectual and thought-provoking.


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