2 answers Option 2 Yes, probably. Android is just a linux-based OS but, you must recognize that Windows includes a great set of methods for (crossplatform) improvement. However, for Linux (specifically Ubuntu) the style differs. In Ubuntu, an IDE isn’t the full- software that is featured. It’s merely a "syntax highlighter over notepad " sort of issue. You have to get the language compilers individually. 30 days ago, I attempted to look further into Ubuntu, and that I discovered myself pissedoff the moment the growth process was began by me. You’re able to somehow tryout Eclipse, include compilers (for Java) and proceed Android improvement.

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All the best! But wait. Are you aware, Microsoft has released Visual Studio Rule [ ] for Linux likewise. Meaning, as possible now use virtually -. Which removes most of the pain of programming in Linux. It is free, superior-papers.org lovely (IMO), and a simple method to start out programming on Ubuntu. I’d certainly give it a shot (a whole lot later! (Note.

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Studio Signal remains the brand new man to the block, so that your needs might not be fulfilled by it, so miss to passage that is next. ) Likewise, Androidstudio [^ ] is an excellent IDE for Android development, you need to nolonger use Eclipse (because it is not backed legally) and may go on to Androidstudio. Try it out on Linux.


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